Rates At Wild Billy Lake
per person per full day reserved.
New Rates - Since Wild Billy Lake is some what remote we have changed our rates to make your travel easier and fishing more relaxed. Anglers can arrive after noon on the day prior to their fishing date, fish that afternoon at no charge, and leave before noon the day after their fishing date, fishing in the morning at no charge and pay only for the full days they reserved. For example, say that your party books a trip for Wednesday. You can arrive on Tuesday after noon and begin fishing, then fish all day Wednesday and Thursday morning, and then depart by noon and only pay for Wednesday.

Special Group Rates

  • Early Week - Arrive on Monday after noon and depart by noon on Thursday - $1600.00 (cabin rental included)
  • Late Week - Arrive on Thursday after noon and depart by noon on Monday - $2000.00 (cabin rental included)
Note: Group size is only limited to how many mouths you want to feed.


Cabin rental is $60.00 per night, per party. Rent is included in Special Group Rates above.


Anglers have use of our boats, or you're welcome to bring your own.

Note: Rates last updated March 3, 2014.